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Who am I?

My Story...

I am a practicing licensed and registered Occupational Therapist for nearly 15 years. I have experience in inpatient acute and subacute, outpatient, homecare and long term care. In addition to treating, I am an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University’s Occupational Therapy department. I love the opportunity to help shape the future of Occupational Therapy. My journey as a therapist started in 2008 as an Occupational Therapy Assistant from Housatonic community college and returned back to school shortly after. In 2013 I graduated from Sacred Heart University with my masters in Occupational therapy. In my career I have found manual therapy to be my passion.


In my years of practice, I have noticed a common and very important aspect of therapy missing: treatment of the human fascia. Through myofascial release via John Barnes approach, I am able to assist many of my patients in reducing acute or chronic pain. This may decrease or even eliminate use of pain medication to manage symptoms. Myofascial release treats pain in more than the physical domain; it also focuses on the mental and emotional aspects. In addition to pain reduction, myofascial release can increase range of motion, strength, and positively impact mental health resulting in an improvement in overall quality of life. 

I have extensive knowledge in physical dysfunction, neurological, and orthopedic conditions. I see an individual as a whole person and not a diagnosis with a 'set path' to recovery. I do not just treat spots on the body as it is connected head to toe and the principles of myofascial release treat the body as such. 

Like many others, I am also a bit drained of our limiting and ever changing healthcare system and I want to treat patients holistically without worrying about insurance constraints.  I aim to facilitate healing in all of my patients as I believe the human body is capable of great things.

Let’s Work Together!

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