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Parkinson's Specific Strategies

My Approaches



I am certified in Lee Silverman voice treatment BIG (for OT's and PT's). This is a specific treatment modality for clients with Parkinson's Disease focusing of improving balance, gait, hand writing, self feeding, and overall movement. It focuses on making movements 'normal' sized again!



I am certified in various Functional Movement Techniques (IASTM, cupping etc.). I prefer to use my hands when treating my clients, however these techniques offer a nice variation in treating pain and range of motion related to soft tissue impairments for persons suffering from Parkinson's disease. 


Myofascial Release

This technique can provide relief for clients with rigidity on one side during their stroke recovery. I can apply this head to toe to promote comfortable total body movement.



I am a Certified Neurological Specialist and I am able to help clients suffering from Parkinson's disease with tone management, flat affect, tremor management, movement complications, muscle strength, and self care routine.



I am certified in Orthopedic Manual Therapy of the Upper Extremity. Many persons have upper extremity weakness and movement disorders during their Parkinson's recovery.

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